Review: Hard Beast – Toby Singer

Posted: March 14, 2013 in Reviews


The artwork for "Here Comes Saturn," Singer's debut album, which is due out this spring.

The artwork for “Here Comes Saturn,” Singer’s debut album, which is due out this spring.

“I wouldn’t be caught dead inside my own head/I’ll twist around my cellophane esophagus instead,” Brooklyn singer/songwriter Toby Singer delicately croons on “Hard Beast,” (click here to listen) the lead single off his upcoming debut album Here Comes Saturn, which will be released sometime this spring.  Despite the song’s rather surreal, abstract and extremely metaphorical lyrics, “Hard Beast” delivers with a pretty poppy mood while maintaining a light indie-folk feel.  I first met Singer, who lives in Brooklyn but studied music at the University of Michigan while working as the music instructor at a Jewish summer camp.  Hearing him in a more serious and toned down setting as opposed to belting Hebrew sing-alongs to two hundred eight-year olds ever morning is a different experience.  That being said, Singer sounds extremely comfortable on the track, his gentle vocals meshing beautifully with the quiet and unplugged tune, even during the more upbeat chorus’ hook.

The genre of indie music has become somewhat overexploited to include every hipster, artsy and experimental alternative pop-rock artist that fancies themselves independent.  Thus, it is refreshing when an artist like Toby Singer comes along and just plays pleasant songs that are derived directly from the heart.  He does not go out of his way in a desperate attempt to appear like that which he is not.  He has no need to.  His music speaks for him.  Nothing else is necessary.

Singer is definitely an artist to watch.  Check out his website, and keep a sharp eye for Here Comes Saturn. 

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    Really nice. Is that what was published in The Justice?

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