Led Zeppelin are the worst.

Posted: September 13, 2012 in Editorials, News Updates

Remember how the entire music world was hyping a possible Led Zeppelin reunion tour and/or a new album, which were both confirmed by an unofficial but widely spread news article featuring Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl?  Remember how we all said “no way would Led Zeppelin tease us this much about releasing their 2007 O2 concert on DVD?”

Well guess what?

There’s no tour with the Foo Fighters.

There’s no reunion tour.

There’s no new album.

There isn’t even a DVD of the O2 concert.

ALL that hype and those wall posts and those teaser trailers were just about the release of the O2 footage in movie theaters in October of this year.  Yeah, that WILL be cool, for sure.  But all that hype was unnecessary and pretty uncool of them.  They should have give SOMETHING to work with in order to not completely get everyone’s hopes up. Literally MILLIONS of people are probably sitting at their computers reading the following Rolling Stone article and pouting.  But do give that article a looksey because the trailer is pretty sweet.

Sorry for the disappointing news, boys and girls.  Better luck next time.

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