New Red Hot Chili Peppers Songs “Strange Man” and “Long Progression” (Continued)

Posted: August 9, 2012 in New Releases, News Updates, Reviews

See the above post to listen to “Strange Man” and click here to listen to “Long Progression” because the above video was removed by the label.

“Long Progression” is less recognizably a Red Hot Chili Peppers song than “Strange Man” and sounds more like the Chilis playing a standard rock song, which was the issue a lot of music critics and fans had with I’m With You: only about half the record was truly unique and original. Nonetheless, “Long Progression” is worth a listen for the Chili Peppers’ tight musicianship and terrific songwriting if nothing else. Klinghoffer’s guitar solo about three minutes into the song should erase any doubts that he is not a sufficient replacement for guitar virtuoso John Frusciante. Sure this solo isn’t godly, but Klinghoffer sounds solid on the track. I’d also like to point out Chad Smith’s monster drum fill at the close of “Long Progression.” Anthony Keidis sounds extremely enthusiastic and upbeat on this song, which is always nice to hear. The wonderful thing about the Chili Peppers is that even their weaker tracks are still quite good. “Long Progression” is a nice little tune, and listening to it, once, if not several times (as I have already) would not be a waste of your time. Perhaps it’s not their greatest song ever, but it’s way too far from lousy to overlook.

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