New Releases: Tuesday, 6/12/12

Posted: June 12, 2012 in New Releases

I’m good for my word.  Here’s the second installation of The Sound Hound’s “New Release” section.  This is another pretty solid week.

The Holy Trinity, A.K.A., Rush (Geddy Lee on vocals, bass and keyboards, Neil Pert on drums and Alex Lifeson on guitar) have blasted back into the record stores with their 20th (yes, 20th!) studio album.  Like a lot of more recent Rush material, the musicianship on Clockwork Angels, is extremely tight, genius and perfect, though the lyrics (iTunes refers to them explorative) in my opinion, leave a bit to be desired.  If you can get past that (I can), then check out the power of Rush.

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals came out with their follow up to the smash eponymous record with the hit “Paris (Ooh La La), The Lion the Beast the Beat and it’s filled with slower, softer tunes less like “Paris” that still show off Grace’s incredible vocal talent.

Jimmy Fallon’s newest, Blow Your Pants Off, is a compilation of original tunes and goofy covers of pop-songs performed by Fallon while he impersonates famous artists, a prime example of which being “Whip My Hair Back and Forth,” originally performed by Wilo Smith, though on Fallon’s album, is by “Neil Young” and the actual Bruce Springsteen.  His other work is quite good as well.  Be sure to check out “The History of Rap (feat. Justin Timberlake), and really anything on this album.  It’s a solid release.

Matchbox Twenty dropped the first single of their newest album, North, MB’s debut since 2007.  The single, “She’s So Mean,” resembles classic Matchbox and I look forward to hearing the rest of the record.

Mixtape rappers Tayyib Ali and Luke Bahta both dropped singles recently called, “Dreaming” and “Living” respectively.  Both tunes are stellar.

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