Review: The Offspring – “Days Go By”

Posted: April 29, 2012 in Reviews

The Offspring, a 90’s power-punk, grunge band, released their last studio album Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace in 2008 and embarked on several touring sprees.  Hype about a new album began to surge across the Internet almost immediately after their first tour and ceased to slow.  Twitter posts on the band’s page, updates on the bands Wikipedia page, and leaked articles fed the fire intensely.  In March 2012, the band announced, again via Twitter, that the new album was complete.  On April 27, 2012, The Offspring released their first new song in four years entitled “Days Go By,” the first single of the new album of the same name.

Days Go By,” (click the link to listen) first and foremost, is a disappointing single, not solely because the song is weak but also because the overall sound just doesn’t resemble the Offspring’s past releases.  This release has been compared to the sound of the Foo Fighters, which is a pretty good assessment.  The song seems to mix punk with pop and bits of country (most prominently on their harmonies.)  The beauty of Rise and Fall was that although it was a modern album produced with modern equipment, it still sounded like classic Offspring around the time of Americana.  Based on this first single, Days Go By may be the first step on the ladder that is the end of classic Offspring.  The lyrics are not particularly strong, the melody not particularly catchy and the music not particularly original.  However, to say “Days Go By” is a bad song would be a gross overstatement, though it does seem like a lukewarm release.  It’s a listenable punk rock song, just not a special one.  Of course, since it sounds like the Foos, it can’t be horrendous.  It’s just not the kind of song Offspring fans were probably hoping for.  Then again, recently many albums’ lead singles have in fact been some of the worst songs on the album, case in point: Van Halen’s A Different Kind of Truth, Jane’s Addiction’s The Great Escape Artist and even Red Hot Chili Pepper’s I’m With You to a degree.  Fingers crossed that Days Go By will blow everyone away.

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