No Age at Brandeis University

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Reviews

No Age at Chum's Coffeehouse, Brandeis Univeristy

No Age, a rather unknown noise-punk band from Los Angeles, California recently embarked on a college tour, making stops at Wesleyan University, University of Pittsburgh, Bennington College, University of Delaware and my home for the next four years, Brandeis University.

I caught No Age at Brandeis on March 10th, 2012 at the intimate Chums Coffeehouse.  In all honesty, I had not heard of No Age before my friend told me of their upcoming appearance at the university, but after perusing their library, I became infatuated with several songs including “Eraser,” “Fever Dreaming,” and “Everybody’s Down.”

A band consisting of Brandeis students opened for No Age and the crowd was relatively subdued, but as soon as No Age blasted through a noisy, power-chord driven number that I did not recognize, the whole floor of this tiny coffee shop became one giant mosh pit, comparable to one at a CBGBs in the 1980s.  People were crowd surfing, falling on the stage, running and jumping at each other.  One fan even went so far as to leap up and wrap his arms and legs around a pipe lining the building’s ceiling, almost pulling the whole roof down with him.

The band was clearly enjoying the crowd as drummer and singer Dean Allen Spunt laughed and smiled throughout the whole show.  I was rather disappointed that I did not hear “Eraser,” but was ecstatic when they ripped through a powerful rendition of “Fever Dreaming.”  I found myself practically on the stage for that.

The best way to describe a No Age concert is nice and LOUD.  They turn their amps and feedback up to 11, in the words of Spinal Tap.  Since the music they choose to play mostly consists of their louder, rockier material rather than their mellower songs,  the concert becomes more of a punk show rather than an indie concert, as many might assume.  One major issue I encountered was that Dean’s microphone was quieter than guitarist Randy Randall’s amps, so it was somewhat difficult to make out the lyrics, but other than that, No Age really rocked the house.  The crowd was absolutely loving it!

Overall, I enjoyed myself and if they played more of a variety of music at a large stadium, then I would recommend grabbing tickets. I cannot say, however, that I would be aching to see No Age again in such a tiny venue (though, that’s less the band’s fault and more the venue’s fault.)   Nonetheless, No Age provided an immense amount of entertainment on a Saturday night (especially considering the show was free.)

Below are some links to videos of the show at Brandeis:

Fever Dreaming:

Brain Burner:

Teen Creeps:

Chem Trails:

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