The End of Bottaboom

Posted: March 18, 2012 in News Updates, Up-and-Coming Artists

On March 14th, 2012, just months after dropping his fantastic debut mixtape Sleep Well, rapper Bottaboom posted the following note on his facebook page:

Before Moving On…

Hey everyone, this is going to be a long post, so if you have a short attention span this isn’t for you.

When I started rapping a few years ago, it was to fill the void of a girl who I was infatuated with. It was just a hobby to pass the time. I adopted the name Bottaboom (or botTABOOm, for those of you who are only familiar with this page) and began rapping, and I put out music, thinking I was the sh*t, the King of the 954, but I quickly realized that I wasn’t.

After the initial rush of music I put out, I took a step back to start from scratch again. I went under the radar for at least a year and half, writing songs in the middle of the night, and keeping them to myself. The only one of those hundreds of songs you have ever, or will ever hear is “Sleeping.” During this year I did everything I could to ensure that when I came back and released something , I would be respected. I studied, yes studied, Reasonable Doubt, Illmatic, and other classic albums, and expanded my musical palette to more genres. After over a year of not releasing music an experience I had this summer inspired me to begin work on “Sleep Well.” I realized that it was possible to release music independently and make a name for yourself in the underground.

Even though I released a mixtape that I could be proud of and received love from popular college music blogs and respect from people around me, something didn’t feel right to me. I’m humbled that many people connect with the music I’ve been writing, but I need to worry about my connection with it first and the image that I create with that music. There is still a bittersweet memory in my mind of the overzealous rapper “Bottaboom,” but I feel that for my career and future in music, I must change my moniker. There is nothing in a name. The artist makes the name, but I feel like in my mind Bottaboom is no more, and I have entered a new era of making music.

I’m going to be producing 95% of the music that I release from here on out, and only working with a small circle of producers. For those of you who aren’t familiar with that lingo, it means that the beat that gets your head nodding will be made by me as well as the lyrics. This means that I can expand my sound and control the whole creative process. It also means that although the quantity of music I release will not be as much as other rappers, the quality will be more focused and refined. I was a singer before I was rapper, and I will be singing more as well as doing covers of artists I love.

A lot of people cannot admit this about themselves, but as a person and an artist I’m changing. It’s a part of life; shit happens. I’m going to start over and write a new chapter. If you like my old music please do not feel like I want you to delete it, stop sharing it, or stop listening to it. We can move on, but we can never forget.  If you’ve made it this far, God bless and thank you.

Sincerely, Luke Bahta a.k.a. Quiet Luke—formerly  known as botTABOOm


It’s truly sad to learn that we cannot look forward to new songs like those off Sleep Well, but simultaneously, the above note is extremely uplifting.  Those are the words of a reflective and hardworking person who looked at his art and said, “this isn’t what I want,” not because someone else didn’t like it (because Sleep Well was received by nothing but positive reception) but simply because he was unsatisfied.  Based on his releases as Bottaboom, I can only begin to speculate about the musical quality that Luke Bahta’s releases will display.

Please, by all means, like his new alter ego on facebook and with that, The Sound Hound bids Bahta the best of luck!

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