Sleep Well: One of Rap’s Most Reflective Releases

Posted: January 26, 2012 in Up-and-Coming Artists
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In August of 2011, I posted an article introducing the up-and-coming Floridian rapper, Bottaboom and since then, I’ve posted updates in his regard on The Sound Hound site as well as on Twitter an Facebook.  So finally, after months of hype, seven singles and a rescheduled album drop, Bottaboom released his debut mixtape, Sleep Well, on January 9th, 2012.

Immediately upon first hearing Botta perform, I knew he possessed a special talent, such a hunch that was confirmed by the release of seven tracks from Sleep Well, “Don’t Know Me,” “Lust Confidence,” “Everyone Else,” “Sleeping,” “In Your Life,” “Epic Meal Time,” and “There.”  I was predicting Botta’s mixtape to be truly excellent, but Sleep Well, a fourteen-track release that paints a full picture of “Alec Bahta,” managed to surpass all expectations ten fold.

I’d continue raving about Sleep Well, but I figure that you’d rather hear Botta talk about it himself.

The Sound Hound: You mentioned there was a concept to Sleep Well and to me as a listener it seems like you’re trying to really show yourself in every way (ideas, background, passions) and paint a picture of who Alec Bahta is.  What was your intention for Sleep Well?

Bottaboom: Sleep Well started out as an EP, but I quickly realized that I had too much to say and extended it to a full length project. I really saw this project as an introduction. Although it was quality, I realized that this would not be the one that helps me “blow up.” I talk about my passions and background so that listeners can get to know me. I want them to see me, the real me, and fall in love with that. I feel like establishing your persona from the beginning gets you genuine fans.

SH: Absolutely, and it seems like you’ve gotten a bunch of really dedicated fans but also a huge amount of followers.  Did you expect to get this much attention, I mean, you’re all the way up to 1,000 on Facebook?

BB: I wasn’t really sure what to expect, honestly. I was just making the music that I wanted to make. It was amazing to see all of the people who really connected it. My growth was pretty quick due to social networking mostly, and, with the release of music videos and more blog posts, I hope that it grows even more!

SH: Follow up question: where did the name “Sleep Well” come from?

BB: At first it was going to be an EP called “SleEP,” but after I made the decision to lengthen it I changed the name. I wanted something that I could brand (and tweet) that kept people curious and still kept the same concept. “Sleep Well” really stems from the frustration I was going through when nobody would listen to my music and people didn’t take me seriously. They were “Sleeping” on me, and I address that on the track of that name.

SH: That must have been really frustrating especially since in a bunch of songs you mention other passions like basketball. What were your other passions and how did music come in and take over? How did you cope with the struggle with negative feedback, which you discuss on a bunch of Sleep Well‘s tracks?

BB: I’ve played basketball for as long as I’ve made music. At one point I realized pursuing a career in music and pursuing basketball would not coincide. I figured that I only planned to play high school basketball, whereas with music, I want to make it my job, ideally. I address a lot of the negative feedback in the track “If You Give a Kid an iPod.” I just used it as fuel. Half of Sleep Well was trying to prove everyone wrong. I’ve gotten messages and tweets from people who used to make fun of my music saying that they love it now. I remember everything though.

SH: You’re a pretty mellow guy and I think that shows through in the musical tone of the album, but as you just mentioned, Sleep Well discusses some pretty serious and deeply personal topics and sometimes your vocal tone sounds ambitious and even a little agressive. I never noticed that kind of stuff coming out in your personality, but do you ever think it does?

BB: I think it does. We all have good moods and bad moods. One advantage I believe I have is that when I make a track, I do it because I use the actual situation I’m in for inspiration. I made the tracks “There” and “Don’t Know Me” when I was angry, which I think is very evident. I was in the best of moods when I made “Everyone Else.” I think its good to show different sides of yourself to fans. We’re all human after all.

SH: simple question: What’s your favorite song on Sleep Well?

BB: My favorite song is probably “Starry Night.” I think I really said it all and created a really nice mood with the track.

SH: I like that song too and I actually want to talk about that one for a second: that samples “Go Now” by the Moody Blues. I’ve seen them in concert, but out of pretty much everyone I know under 45, I am one of the few people that knows them and then here you come out of nowhere sampling one of their really obscure songs. That’s ballzy and really respectable. How did you choose “Go Now” and the other sample songs like “Stairway to Heaven” on the opener, “Midnight Sun?”

BB: Well. Before I wanted to be a rapper I actually wanted to be a rockstar [laughs]. During my middle school days I played in a band, and I’ve been playing electric guitar for 5 years. I’ve always appreciated a lot of different types of music and rock is one genre I delve into. My favorite bands are probably Red Hot Chili Peppers, Band of Horses, Led Zeppelin, and Nirvana.

SH: So you play a lot of instruments then, and you obviously rap. A lot of people might not know that you produce beats as well, so overall, what’s your favorite thing to do musically?

BB: It honestly depends on my mood. I can’t choose one!

SH: Are there any other releases we can expect from you?

BB: The next project I release will not be like a Sleep Well Vol. 2. I think you will see some evolution in my sound especially because I’m producing most of it and working one on one with producers that I have befriended. Otherwise, I think it’s too early to tell. I will definitely be dropping tracks for the fans, but I’m not sure about another project in between at this point.  Just be on the lookout for more…

And there you have it.  As you can definitely tell from Botaboom’s thoughts about Sleep Well, the mixtape is really deep, focused and special.  To reiterate what I said in an earlier post, download the tape here:  It’s great.  It really is.  So please, give Botta the support he deserves.

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