Aural Psynapse, Deadmau5’s Newest Super-Chill Jam

Posted: November 22, 2011 in News Updates, Reviews

(from iTunes)

The Sound Hound usually sticks to discussing rock music and occaisionally hit up some Hip-Hop news, but lately, house music and electro has become extremely popular.  One of my favorite house artists is Deadmau5, so in sticking with the motto of “sending our shtick on music your way,” here’s what The Sound Hound has to say about  “Aural Psynapse,” Deadmau5’s newest single:

The song starts with mellow keyboards and builds up to the inevitable beat-drop.  The introductory piano pattern is relaxing and even kind of funky. I can totally see this as a good song to play if a really great pump-up song has just ended and people are ready to take a little break from hardcore dancing.  The partiers will get that slow fist pump on and still be able to chill out during the less slower sections of “Aural Psynapse.”  The track has lots of intricate textures and layers for which Deadmau5 is so famous.  Nonetheless, it is not nearly as complex or mindblowing as his biggest hit, “Ghosts N Stuff,” but definitely worth a listen.  The Mau5 has yet to disappoint.

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