Check out The Black Keys’ New Single, “Lonely Boy”

Posted: November 5, 2011 in News Updates, Reviews

The first single off "El Camino" (I do not own this image)

The Black Keys, who took home several Grammys last year, including Best Alternative Album, are back, with the first single off the upcoming El Camino, “Lonely Boy.”   Check out the video for the song, which simply features an African-American man goofily dancing in a hallway.  Classic.  Nonetheless, the video doesn’t really match up with the raunchy garage rock n’ roll that resembles a mix between Creedence Clearwater Revival and T. Rex’s “Bang a Gong (Get it On.)”  That riff is just perfect and once the keyboards kick in, the song’s momentum is just unstoppable.  “Lonely Boy” certainly sets high standards for El Camino, which the Black Keys will release on December 6th, 2011.  Also, here’s an advertisement for the new album, which the band released a few weeks ago.

  1. Meg says:

    Not a bad song, but I prefer their slower stuff like “Psychotic Girl” off “Attack & Release,” so I hope the new album has some of that too.

    • eak1994 says:

      This is definitely a hard rock song, something the Keys don’t usually do. I think a lot of this album is going to be like Lonely Boy, since their last album was slower and but I’m sure they’ll be some chill stbluesieruff on it.

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