New Bottaboom Single: “Everyone Else”

Posted: October 3, 2011 in News Updates, Up-and-Coming Artists

The artwork for the new single

Remember that up-and-coming rapper, Bottaboom, about whom I posted a while back?  Well since then, Botta’s released two more tracks.  The angsty “Just  Another Love Song” backed by a trippy percussion heavy beat dropped a few weeks ago but tonight, the lead single off of Sleep Well hit the internet via Bottaboom’s youtube page.

The new song, “Everyone Else,” is probably Botta’s catchiest, most relatable song yet.  He samples Grouplove’s “Colours” expertly and it all builds up to an amazing hook of a chorus that just gets stuck in your head, but hey, that means its good.  At this point you should be excited for Sleep Well, which Bottaboom says should be ready by November.

It’s possible that the Sound Hound will be very involved in the promotion of this mixtape when it is released.  Stay tuned for more info about that…

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