Bottaboom: The Next Generation of Hip-Hop

Posted: August 29, 2011 in Up-and-Coming Artists

Alec "Bottaboom" Bahta's trademark: a solid-colored hoodie

I first heard Alec Bahta, more famously known as Fort Lauderdale’s “Bottaboom,” freestyle this past summer, during my stay at New York’s Columbia University as a student of the High School Program.  Alec, a bunch of other students and I loitered outside of John Jay Hall, listening to a friend of ours, Guy Greenstein, expertly beatbox.   Out of nowhere, Alec jumped in with a stack of fresh rhymes while the rest of us bobbed our heads along with the music.

Several days later, Bahta announced he would be performing at the upcoming talent show under the name “Bottaboom” and he quickly became the most anticipated act on the bill.  Dressed in a red hoodie and skinny black jeans, he marched across the stage and really took control of the crowd.  “I’m not gonna’ start ‘til you get your hands up,” Botta demanded, waving his hands above his head.  My favorite line was probably “hammered like the thunder God,” but according to Botta, no one else understood the Thor reference.

Bottaboom performs at Columbia University in NYC

Lyrics like that as well as thematic focus make this up-and-coming rap star’s music so listenable.  “Don’t Know Me,” the first single off Botta’s Sleep Well, which is expected to drop sometime during Fall 2011, cites the musician’s inspiration: “while I had Lupe and a guy called West.”  In the style of artists such as Kanye (the guy called West) and B.o.B., Bottaboom discusses his earlier years and his path as he matures. In “Don’t Know Me,” which is available for free download, Botta, who often refers to himself in songs as “the Lion King,” also cites Nas, Jay-Z, 2Pac and A Tribe Called West as major influences.  The single certainly sets a high standard for the upcoming mixtape, which is already generating significant hype in Botta’s growing fan-base.

You might see Bottaboom also listed as “botTABOOm,” utilizing the mixed-case style coined by KiD CuDi as well as the many Apple products (iPod, iPhone.)  “There’s not really a preference,” says Botta.  “Bottaboom or boTABOOm is fine.”  Though the case of the letters in his stage name is a seemingly minor detail, Botta’s nonchalant attitude to the variation demonstrates his flexibility, which should appeal to many record producers down the road.

Botta grooves in the studio

Be sure to check out Bottaboom at his Youtube, Facebook and Twitter pages and keep a sharp eye on the horizon for Sleep Well!

My only advice for Bottaboom: keep up the awesome work, man!

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