Blink 182 at Nikon at Jones Beach, 8/7/11

Posted: August 25, 2011 in Reviews

Blink 182 at Jones Beach (photo by Eli Kaminsky)

Blink 182’s triumphant opening number, “Feeling This” seemed to catch the band right where they left off in 2003, which is exactly what every fan hoped for since the beginning of the  seemingly interminable hiatus.

“This song is about…” Mark began, introducing “Up All Night,” the lead single off the band’s upcoming album, Neighborhoods, which is expected to hit the shelves on September 27, 2011.

“Sex,” Tom interrupted as Mark stared at him oddly.  “Sex, sex, sex!”

“Um…yeah…okay,” Mark muttered hastily before counting off the song

And boy, did it sound terrific live, as did every song on the setlist.  Blink’s ability to shuffle through their hit-heavy catalog and include not only chart-topping singles such as  the inevitable “All The Small Things,” “What’s My Age Again,” and “First Date,” but also more obscure songs such as “Dumpweed,” the first song off 1999’s Enema of the State and “Man Overboard.”  Playing “Dumpweed,” certainly came as a surprise because the opening guitar riff is rather fast and tricky, and though Delonge missed a note here and there, he did so enthusiastically and warily and the song still sounded great. However, Delonge refused to point out his mistakes unlike Hoppus who pointed out that “on the last song, on the second chorus after the bridge, I should have played a G and not an F…They have the right to know,” he finished.

Blink's epic light show (photo by Eli Kaminsky)

The trio balanced their jam-packed set-list with several other new tunes, whose lyrics seemed to be less concerned with partying and ranting about ex-girlfriends and more focused on capturing emotion and adult issues. The fantastic “Heart’s All Gone,” which leaked onto the internet several days before the tour kicked off, is vaguely reminiscent of early Blink.  “Ghosts on the Dancefloor” also sets a high standard for the other tunes on Neighborhoods, which the poppy “After Midnight” does not quite reach, but certainly is not too far from the target.

Travis Barker is considered one of the most talented modern drummers (from the Honda Civic Tour Facebook Page–I do not own this image)

Nevertheless, nothing could have ruined the mood of the evening, not even the endless downpour, which lasted for most of Blink’s set.   Mark even went so far as to pour water on his head immediately upon noticing the poor weather.  Though this act of sympathy obviously received an enormous standing ovation from the crowd, no one seemed upset about the rain.  In fact, many fans in the covered sections moved to the open areas of the arena to join in the soaked dancing.

One could continue endlessly about the skillful musicianship, which was certainly demonstrated by Travis’ incredible drum solo, the excellent song choice, and the wonderful atmosphere of the show, but no one could truly express how fun it was to see Blink.  It was really nice to see that they have indeed matured but still know how to throw an awesome party and act like angsty, sex obsessed teens. Closing with “Family Reunion,” whose lyrics include only sexual slurs, ended the night on a high note.  Nice job, guys!


  1. Feeling This
  2. Up All Night
  3. The Rock Show
  4. What’s My Age Again?
  5. Down
  6. I Miss You
  7. Stay Together for the Kids
  8. Dumpweed
  9. Always
  10. Violence
  11. After Midnight
  12. First Date
  13. Heart’s All Gone
  14. Man Overboard
  15. Ghost on the Dancefloor
  16. All the Small Things
  17. Josie
  18. Travis Barker Drum Solo
  19. Carousel
  20. Dammit
  21. Family Reunion

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