Some Great Upcoming Releases

Posted: July 23, 2011 in News Updates

I am looking forward to the release of the following albums:

Neighborhoods by Blink-182:  Neighborhoods will mark Blink’s first major release since their 2003 self-titled album and is expected to be released on September 27, 2011.  The first single off the new record, “Up All Night” hit iTunes on July 14, 2011.

Up All Night – Single (I do not own this image)

Sky Full of Holes by Fountains of Wayne: Rolling Stone gave the New Jersey quartet’s upcoming release, expected to hit the shelves on August 2, 2011, 3.5/5 stars.

Sky Full of Holes (I do not own this image)

I’m With You by The Red Hot Chili Peppers:  This will be the Chili Peppers’ first album since 2006’s Stadium Arcadium and their first with guitarist Josh Klinghoffer and will hit the stores on August 30, 2011.  The first single, “The Adventures of Raindance Maggie” was released on iTunes on July 18, 2011.

I'm With You (I do not own this image)

Watch the Throne by Kanye West and Jay-Z:  This collaboration will hit the stores on August 1, 2011.  The first single, “H.A.M.“, was released on January 11, 2011.  Another song, “Otis (feat. Otis Redding)”, is available on iTunes. Also, keep an eye out for Kanye’s new solo album, which should arrive before 2011 comes to a close.

Watch the Throne (I do not own this image)

The Black Keys 7th Studio Album: The duo from Akron, Ohio have completed their new album and expect to release it by the end of 2011.  According to guitarist and singer Dan Auerbach, unlike 2010’s Brothers, which was largely blues-based,  this album is filled with mostly rock ‘n roll tunes.

The Offspring’s 9th Studio Album:  According to Offspring band members, the group has been working on a new album and expects to release it sometime in 2011.

Queens of the Stoneage’s 6th Studio Album: According to singer and guitarist Josh Homme, the album will be released before the end of 2011.

Coldplay’s 5th Album: Now, I,personally,am not a fan of Coldplay.  However, I can respect them as a band and understand that many are fans.  So, with that in mind, Coldplay’s new album will be released on October 24, 2011.  The first single, “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall”, hit iTunes on June 3, 2011.

I did not include every upcoming album;  I only discussed some of the releases that I consider important.  Let me know if I’ve missed anything good in the comments section.

(I do not own any of the photographs of album arwork.  All of these images are owned by the respective artists, record labels and websites from which I retreived the images.)

  1. Meg says:

    It seems to me that there is a dearth of good new hip-hop lately. Am I right? Although I know that Jay-Z and Kanye’s upcoming album has gotten great preliminary buzz, I’m not loving the first two releases, H.A.M. and Otis. I hope there is better stuff to come…

    • eak1994 says:

      A lot of the recently released hip-hop has been pretty similar in musical and lyrical styles, and yeah, most of it, in my opinion, has been pretty mediocre. Kanye’s last album was unbelievably good, though. However, it sounds as though he’s trying to recreate the magic of “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” on “Watch the Throne.” I’d also like to hear more of Jay-Z on the album because, although Kanye’s a great producer and musical genius, as a rapper, he’s not great, whereas Jay is one of the greatest of all time. Thanks for the input!

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